1.    Go to Asheboro
2.    Take 220 South
3.    When 220 narrows to two lanes at the fruit stand, turn LEFT
       (Sign says Sandhill Research Center, SR 1003 - Windblow Road)
       Go 6.4 miles
4.    At first stop sign, go straight across road: SR 1003 - Derby Road
       Go 7.8 miles
5.    At second Stop Sign (dead end), turn right
       (Sign says: Hoffman 5 miles)
       Go 4.7 miles
6.    At third stop sign, turn left. Go 200 yards to US-1. Turn right on US-1
       (BP station on right)
7.    Go 3.2 miles on US-1. Turn left on SR 1001. Go across railroad tracks
       (You will see a brick house with a fancy brick fence on your right before you turn)
       Go 5.3 miles
8.    Next stop sign, go straight ahead on SR 1345 / Sneads Grove Road
       Go 4.9 miles (12 miles to Laurinburg)
9.    Next stop sign, turn right. You are still on Sneads Grove Road
       (After you turn, there will be some white apartments on your left)
       Go 2.2 miles
10.  At next stop sign, go straight ahead. You are still on Sneads Grove Road
       Go 2.3 miles
11.  At fork, bear to left and continue on Sneads Grove Road
       Go 6.8 miles
12.  At stop light, turn right on 401 S
       (triangle Building Supply on your right after the turn)
       Go 2.1 miles
13.  Go over bridge, past Wal-Mart. 401 South runs into 74 at bridge. Go under bridge and turn left
       Go 1.1 miles
14.  Stay on 74 E / 501 S until 501 S turns off to right
15.  Take exit 501 S (Roland/Myrtle Beach)
        (After several miles, 501 will join 130. Stay on 130/501 to Roland)
        Go 19 miles
16.  At stop light in Roland, go straight on 130 East
       (You cross 95 here - 501/130E)
        Go 7.5 miles
17.  Turn right on 904E to Fairbluff. No stop sign
       Go 6.5 miles
18.  At stop sign, go straight across
       Go 8 miles to Fairbluff
19.  At stop sign in Fairbluff, turn left. (still 904, go through town) .3 miles
20.  At Food Folks Store, turn right on 904 East
21.  After 8 miles, a road goes off to right
       (sign: To Conway. Pretty white house in fork. 904 goes to left)
       Go 6.8 miles
22.  At stop sign, this road becomes 410. Bear right beside church
23.  In less than 1 mile, you will see #9
24.  Turn left on #9. It is approximately 29 miles to North Myrtle Beach



1.    Take US 9 for about 29 miles to 410. At the caution light, turn right
        (sign says: Green Sea)
2.    Less than a mile, bear to left
        (sign says: Fairbluff 15 miles. Old school on right, church on the left)
       Go 6.7 miles
3.    At stop sign, turn left on 904W
4.    Continue on 904W to Fairbluff
       Go 7.8 miles
5.    At Food Folks Store, turn left. Stay on 904/Main Street
6.    Go through town. Stay on 904W until it turns right over the Lumber River.
       Go 8 miles
7.    At next stop sign, go straight. Texaco Station on left
       Go 6.9 miles
8.    At next stop sign, turn left on 130w to Roland.
       Go 7.4 miles
9.    130W will run into 501N at stop light in Roland. Continue straight on 501N. It will run into 74 in
       Go 19 miles
10.  Go across the 74 bridge and turn left. You are on 74/501. Stay on 501N
       (at first Laurinburg exit there is a K-Mart, Wendy's, Bojangles, Subway...)
11.  After short distance, you will cross two bridges. 501N will leave 74. Turn right. Stay on 501N. At  end
       of ramp. turn left
       (you will go by Wal-Mart and later a high school)
       Go 2 miles
12.  After you go past Triangle Building Supply on your left, turn left at the light on Sneads Grove Road
       Go 3.8 miles
13.  At next stop sign, go straight. You are still on Sneads Grove Roads
       Go 2.2 miles
14.  A yellow and black sign with arrow, turn left. You are stiil on Sneads Grove Road
       (the white apartments are on the right before you turn. Sign says: Marston 11 miles
       Go 4.8 miles
15.  At next stop sign go straight on 1001.
       Go 5.5 miles
16.  Cross the railroad tracks and turn right on US 1. (Fancy brick fence will be on your left)
       Go 3.0 miles
17.  Turn left at BP station. Go about 200 yards and turn right on York Road/SR 1003
        Go 4.6 miles
18.  You'll go around a sweeping curve and the bridge is in the curve. Turn left onto Derby Road, 1003
        Go 7.9 miles
19.  At next stop sign, go straight on 1003
       (Gallimore Trucking on right after you pass through stop sign)
       Go 6.5 miles
20.  At next stop sign, turn right on US 220 North, then onto 64 West...... on your way home!